Elliot1 February 2019

We supply entertainment for a wide range of exhibition stands and exhibition organisers. The exhibition attractions are a great way to pull the crowds to your stand. We have a wide range of games and exhibition attractions that can all be branded to make them look like the clients or target a specific market. The exhibition attractions are great for competitions or for using as an effective source for give-aways. For the competitive games like the batak wall, the cash cube or the arcade boxer machine we can also supply a branded leader board. If you have prizes to give away, then the arcade grabber is the best exhibition attraction around. We also have multiple units of the exhibition attractions, so you can run simultaneous promotions.

Batak Wall

The batak wall is a great speed reaction test, the players have to turn off as many lights as they can within the thirty seconds. Although the batak wall hire does have many more games available. The batak wall is great fun and does get very competitive. You can have a batak wall scoreboard, so you can see what score to beat and find the best player on the batak wall.

Cash Cube

The cash cube or grab a grand machine is one of the best exhibition attractions and has been on events throughout Europe. With the cash cube hire you have to grab as much fun money as you can in 30 seconds. This is an action paced game that will get through many players and is also great fun. With the cash cube leader board you will be able to see who has collected the most fun money so you will be able to find the winner.

Arcade Grabber

If you have prizes to give away, then the best game is the arcade grabber or the claw machine. You can have any amounts of prizes, a special top prize and also losing capsules in the arcade grabber. The principal is easy direct your crane over the toy / prize and drop it down watch the arcade grabber claw close and see if you are a winner?