Elliot1 August 2019

Hire Fun Food

We hire fun food to a wide range of clients. You can hire fun food carts at exhibitions to attract guests to you stand, you can hire fun food carts like the pick n mix at conferences to give your guests a sugar rush. We hire fun food carts to company fun days, theme nights and even weddings. We have a wide range of fun food carts from the Hot Chestnut Cart to the Waffle on a stick stall, donut carts to mulled wine carts. We hire fun food ice cream carts and many other fun food attractions. We hire fun food carts to many clients for parties and promotions, they are always very busy as people love the free food on offer

Hire Popcorn

We hire popcorn carts and hire popcorn machines to many clients from Hollywood theme nights to exhibitions. Guests love the smell and watching the corn pop, when you hire popcorn. With the popcorn hire you get a member of staff and unlimited stock normally for around 4 hours. The popcorn hire can also be served in branded bags for exhibitions if you require. Hire popcorn for one of the most popular fun food carts around.

Hire Candyfloss

We hire candyfloss carts and hire candyfloss machines throughout the UK, they are one of the best fun food carts we have. Hire candyfloss for fun days, parties, weddings and hire candyfloss for exhibitions. Here when you hire candyfloss your stand will be engulfed by guests looking to get a sugar fix on a stick. The candyfloss hire is busy throughout the year. We hire candyfloss for promotions at festivals and concerts, it is a great attraction and will really attract guests to your event.

Hire Pick n Mix

Hire pick n mix stands and really give your guests a magical experience. We hire pick n mix carts to conferences and exhibitions and the delegates love nothing more than helping themselves to the traditional sweets. Hire pick n mix for parties and weddings so guests can help themselves to the lovely sweets. We hire pick n mix throughout the UK and the pick n mix carts usually come bag empty.

Hire Chocolate Fountains

Hire chocolate fountains for events, they are as popular now as they have ever been, don’t bother with desserts, hire chocolate fountains with dips and uniformed staff to let your chocolate lovers have their fill?