Elliot1 November 2019

Hire Theme Nights

We hire theme nights that will be remembered by guests long after the party has finished. We hire theme nights in over forty different styles, when you hire theme nights you get the themed backdrops, the themed props and the themed statues. When you hire theme nights, we also supply the best themed games and the best themed entertainers. We hire theme nights throughout the UK and they are some of the best packages we supply. When you hire theme nights, we can create the bespoke package ideally suited to your preferred theme and most importantly your budget. The most popular theme nights this year have been the Hollywood Theme Night, the Masquerade Theme Night and the Vegas Them Night, we have organised many of these events and they are always well appreciated.

Hire Theme Parties

We hire theme parties to a wide range of clients. We hire theme parties for summer balls, weddings, venues for long term hire and many company Christmas parties. We hire theme parties throughout the UK, when you hire theme parties, we can organise the whole event from you even down to the themed catering. Hire theme parties and you will give guests something different to the standard black tie dinner, there will be all the room décor in the theme you have chosen and all the themed entertainment and acts, we have a wide range of musicians that can enhance your event when you hire theme parties. The theme parties are a great way for guests to relax and let their hair down, they can also dress up into the theme if they wish?

Hire Themed Parties

We hire themed parties to clients at many venues and have been organising themed parties for over twenty years. If you hire themed parties you get the full party sensation, totally different to just a summer bar b q or office party. We can bring in all the interactive entertainment such as the line dancers, the show girls and event the human robots and make your event one that will be remembered for a long time.

Theme Party Ideas

We have the best theme party ideas, if you are wanting to create a party that will be remembered, call our experienced sales team for the best theme party ideas. Let us also have your theme party ideas and if this isn’t a theme we supply we can create the perfect package for you.