Elliot2 September 2019

Staff Wellbeing Days

Our staff wellbeing days entertainment options are a great attraction at the workplace. We have a wide range of fun healthy games and attractions that will entertain at the staff well being days. You can have the fun games that encourage exercise like the batak wall, the test of strength machines and the bike simulators or bike smoothie makers, where you get to drink the creation you have peddled to make. The staff well being days encourage healthy living and healthy lifestyles in the work place. The staff well being days are available throughout the UK and offer a different attraction at the workplace and can be used to pass on messages – smoking / drinking and dietary concerns

Company Wellbeing Days

For the company wellbeing days, we have a wide range of fun games that can encourage exercise is a fun way. The Sprint for Gold game or the rowing game up the creek are great fun games that can be used throughout the week to promote health. The company wellbeing days are all about fun and promoting messages in a relaxed manner. We have a wide range of games for the company wellbeing days and can create the perfect combination of interactive and relaxed games from the fairground silly mirrors to the mindball concentration games, we also have the physical games like the cash cubes and the batak challenges. Call our experienced staff for the best games for your next company wellbeing days.

Employee Wellbeing Days

The employee wellbeing days will create a series of fun games that can promote healthy living and healthy practices in the workplace. We can have the bike smoothie makers in the canteen promoting healthy desserts, the pick n mix carts can be branded and have healthy options as give aways. We also have the more energetic games like the inflatables which can be used on fun days and team building days, creating competition between departments.

Company Health Days

We offer company Health Days with a wide range of activities, we can have the indoor team building games and mental challenges and the outdoor more physical games which can get quite competitive. With the Company Health days we can hire out fun equipment on a long term basis, pool tables and table footballs, arcade machines etc to give employees fun areas for when on breaks. Call us for great ideas for your next Company Health Days.